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Existing Industry Services

HCPED is an advocate for industry, and our driving organizational priority is to make sure that the community's manufacturing sector continues to play a pivotal role in the future. Since 1994, existing industries have accounted for 91% of all new, taxable investment and 85% of all newly created positions. Henderson County is fortunate to be in a right-to-work state with virtually no unionization in the county.  With employment total over 5,000 individuals at nearly 135 manufacturing businesses, payroll is in excess of $250 million annually and an average annual wage of $44,000.
Any issue impacting an industry's health is an organizational priority.  Staff members work with economic development allies to troubleshoot any matter hindering job creation and investment opportunities. Visitations with key industry leaders are performed annually and are always conducted with a high level of confidentiality.

Business Expansion Services
Economic Development Policy Advocacy
Federal Contracting
Grant Writing Assistance
Local Supply Chain Assistance
Planning & Infrastructure Troubleshooting
Real Estate Search
Recruitment & Retention
Wage Analysis and Area Labor Availability Information