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Division of Air Quality
Regulates the quality of air in NC through technical assistance to industries and enforcement of state and federal air pollution standards. The division issues permits, establishes ambient air quality standards, monitors the air quality of the state and operates a vehicle inspection/maintenance program.
NC Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources.


Division of Water Quality
Issues permits, monitors permit compliance, evaluates water quality and is the state's enforcement agency for violators of water and groundwater quality regulations.
NC Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources.


Division of Waste Management
Responsible for the management of solid waste in a way that promotes public health and the environment; has a hazardous waste section, solid waste section and a superfund section which evaluates uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.
NC Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources.

NC Bar Association
 The official association of lawyers across the state; provides legal information and helps to locate services.


NC Department of Revenue
Administers the tax laws and collects the taxes due to the state.


Corporations Division
Responsible for the examination, custody and maintenance of legal documents filed by corporations and partnerships; ensures uniform compliance with the statutes; provides information to the public. Department of the Secretary of State.


One Stop & Express Permitting
A service provided by the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources. 
One Stop Permitting- helps identify environmental permits for projects, develop timeline for projected permit decisions, coordinate projects requiring multiple permits, and track permit review times.
Express Permitting- offers quicker permit decisions and certifications for erosion and sedimentation control plans and water quality non-discharge. 
Patrick Grogan
NC Department of Environment & Natural Resources
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Division of Occupational Safety and Health
Provides free consultation regarding OSHA policies and standards. NC Department of Labor.