Looking to start a career in manufacturing?

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If you are thinking about manufacturing for the first time, internships, apprenticeships, and entry-level jobs are available to help with the transition. Whether you’re about to graduate high school and not sure what you want to do next, or if you have already been in the work world for a while, manufacturing is a great career path to explore with a wealth of opportunity.
Click here for information on the MIHC Apprenticeship program.
UPDATE: The WNC Career Expo has been cancelled on April 1 based on CDC recommendations that no gathering greater than 50 people take place for 8 weeks. In the meantime, to see available job opportunities, you can go here.
Need further help in finding a job or brushing up on any skills you might need to land a job?? Check out our section on Resources for Job Seekers!
Resources for Job Seekers

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