Who We Are

About the Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development

We’re committed to the betterment of Henderson County’s citizens and local economy.

The Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development is a public/private partnership that serves as the professional economic development organization for Henderson County. 

Economic Stewardship in Henderson County

It is the mission of the Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development, Inc. to guide business development and increase the quality of life for Henderson County residents. 

The Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development, Inc. works to:

      1. attract and retain quality jobs in Henderson County
      2. support and advise new businesses compatible with the assets and values of Henderson County
      3. advocate for and foster workforce development in Henderson County 
      4. develop new and existing sites to maintain product inventory

The Partnership endeavors to elevate Henderson County’s business image, assist in the growth of existing companies, and enhance the overall quality of life for the residents of Henderson County.

Creating a Strong Economy with Existing Players

HCPED serves as an advocate for and resource partner to local businesses wishing to expand. 

When existing companies thrive and grow, Henderson County residents benefit.

Attracting New Business to Henderson County

Quality of life is important to all residents of Henderson County. The Partnership is committed to recruiting businesses whose values and work ethics are compatible with Henderson County’s business environment. New investment lowers the overall tax burden for everyone and job creation creates employment opportunities for citizens. We work closely with Carolina West, a regional economic development marketing organization, the Economic Development Partnership of NC, the NC Department of Commerce, and with Henderson County and local municipalities to recruit new business to the area.

Leveraging Relationships

The Partnership has a legacy of coordinating industry needs with educational programs at Henderson County Public Schools and Blue Ridge Community College. We foster relationships between all parties involved in helping our workforce and the local economy thrive. At the Partnership, we work closely with local government, community organizations, and local educators to meet the needs of current industry. We also maintain strong relationships with utility and infrastructure partners. 

Sustaining Quality Jobs 

The Partnership exists to develop new business and to support the expansion of existing business so that all of our citizens can share in the economic gain. This work includes attracting companies to Henderson County that will provide better than average salaries and benefits for their employees, and supporting the industries that have already made a long-term commitment to Henderson County.

Promoting Henderson County’s Business Image 

Henderson County is an amazing place to live and do business. At the Partnership, we market and promote all that is unique and desirable of Henderson County. We are fortunate to have a profitable and attractive community that is also an exceptional part of the country for businesses wishing to relocate or expand. It’s our mission to advertise the unique benefits of our county.