Industry Profile: Byers Precision Fabricators

June 3, 2011

Byers Precision Fabricators is among the leading metal fabrication operations in the southeast. Founded in 1942 by Paul Byers, the operation has grown from a general sheet metal shop to an international player in projects which span numerous manufacturing sectors. When Paul Byers formed the company in the early 1940’s the business was known as Byers Sheet Metal Works and was one of the largest ductwork and roofing contractors in North Carolina. While today the name has been changed to better reflect the operation’s expertise and competencies, an aspect that has remained consistent is the focus on customer satisfaction. According to son Roger Byers, “Byers Sheet Metal Works was successful because the products they produced were well engineered and the leadership played close attention to each customer, ensuring everyone was treated well no matter the size of the order.”

Seventy years later the traditions which ensured success in the founding years have been carried forward by the current President and CEO, Roger Byers. According to the company, many of the customers Paul Byers worked with during the early years are still customers today. These long term relationships have allowed for a great degree of stability so that the company can explore projects outside the operation’s core business model. Research and development opportunities have always been of interest. Byers says, “creating new products for specialized applications allow our staff to find new business and identify new fabrication techniques.”  Today, Byers Precision Fabricators is involved in sectors ranging from Aviation/Aerospace, Computers & Electronics, Nuclear Industry, Power Generation Industry, Customer Goods, Transportation, Military, Medical, Robotics and Precision Cleaning.

In 1990, the company relocated to the Dana community less than 3 miles from downtown Hendersonville, NC. During this expansion Byers constructed a manufacturing facility built specifically to handle future business needs. The 60,000 square foot building is among the most modern metal fabrication facilities in the area. “During tours most visitors use the words bright, clean and modern to describe the operation. Moreover, the location in beautiful western North Carolina affords our business excellent visibility from a workforce development and logistics perspective,” says Byers. The business is in close proximity to the local interstate system minutes away from Interstate 26, Interstate 40 and the Asheville Regional Airport.

In 1997, the company became focused on developing new markets. In order to accomplish this goal Byers Precision Fabricators added a new division to its internal product line called Cruiser Stainless Accessories. Utilizing Byers’ existing production facilities and expertise, Cruiser Stainless began manufacturing polished stainless steel parts for the street rod and hot rod market. Three years after the launch, the company refined the product eliminating the focus on street rod and hot rod parts and began polishing stainless steel door sill entry guards for pickups and SUV’s. Subsequently, the company began producing the polished stainless steel light bars for the Jeep Liberty. Building off this success the Cruiser Stainless Accessories saw a need for a high performance rear lighting system to better light the area behind vehicles when reversing.  In an effort to fill this void in the market, Byers invented the White Night Rear Lighting System. Resources of Cruiser Stainless Accessories were redirected to the production and marketing of these products.

In addition to his responsibilities with the company, Roger Byers has and continues to play an active role in the community. Mr. Byers recently completed an appointment to the Dana Community Planning Committee. The committee is a group of 12 members who work to guide the implementation of the Henderson County 2020 Comprehensive Plan.  On March 16, 2011 the Board of Commissioners adopted the plan and will begin implementation of the committee’s recommendation in the coming months.