Investors Update Lunch Recap

January 28, 2013

The Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development hosted the inaugural Investors Update Lunch on Wednesday, January 23rd.  The event was introduced in the fall of 2012 as a new benefit of Presidential and Patron membership investment.  Over 50 investors gathered at the Hendersonville Country Club to hear from HCPED staff on “What You’re Investing In.”  The meeting offered a new outlet for members to connect, and also provided access to the Partnership’s programs and plans for existing industry, marketing, product development and advocacy.

Chip Gould, HCPED Board Chairman, opened the program by explaining why Cason Companies has been a continuing member of the Partnership since the organization’s founding, and why he chooses to invest time through volunteer service to support the HCPED mission.  Andrew Tate started the formal presentation by sharing a big picture overview on organizational operations, including how duties are segmented by existing industry, marketing, product development and advocacy.  Tate presented briefly the sources of revenue to the Partnership, as well as common expense items for private dollars, and the items that the Partnership tracks and measures to ensure accountability and good stewardship.

Josh Hallingse, Director of Industry Relations, contributed by detailing how HCPED works with the 135 existing manufacturers in the community and has developed one of the strongest existing industry programs in the state.  Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Brittany Brady, explained that the Partnership is the professional economic development marketing entity for the area, proactively pursuing targeted sectors for new business growth and putting Henderson County in front of decision makers that can impact project decisions.  Tate concluded the program by sharing how the Partnership is moving forward with product development initiatives to improve the marketability of specific property, and public policy matters that are being monitored in 2013.

The Partnership plans to host Investors Update events twice a year, to encourage a new outlet for our members to connect and also to ensure that there are opportunities for our members to provide feedback on the organization’s activities and direction.  The next Investors Update Luncheon is being planned for July and will include a tour of a manufacturing operation that has been growing in Henderson County.  For more information about the event or to find out more about membership, please contact [email protected] or call 828-692-6373.