Dirty Dancing Production HQ Sets Up in Hendersonville

March 17, 2016

The production team and crew for Dirty Dancing’s filming, set production, wardrobe, props and transportation will be based in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The remake will be a three-hour TV movie special, based on the 1987 classic, and will air domestically on ABC.

Principal filming locations will be across western North Carolina, taking place in April and May, with an expected air date in the fall. The project will have a positive economic impact to the local economy through spending over the next few months. An estimated 1,225 jobs including 900 extras, 30 cast members and 225 crew positions will support the project. The movie special will star Abigail Breslin, Debra Messing, Sarah Hyland, Beau ‘Casper’ Smart and Billy Dee Williams.

The production has already started spending in Hendersonville, and cast and crew members will be visible in the community. Hotels and accommodation providers, restaurants, and construction materials businesses are expected to see the most economic impact. City of Hendersonville Mayor Barbara Volk expressed her support for the project, stating, “This community has great sentiment and appreciation for the original Dirty Dancing film, and we are thrilled that they have selected Hendersonville as their home for this production. We are proud that they have chosen to support our community, and our citizens and businesses look forward to supporting them.”

Hendersonville area citizens have a unique opportunity to support and engage in the production as crew, extras and dancers for onscreen roles, and also by providing period vehicles.

Any persons with film industry experience as crew, production assistants, props or set dressing are encouraged to email a resume to [email protected]. Those interested in applying as an extra, are encouraged to send an email that includes two photos (close up and full length), name, age, ethnicity, cell phone number, height, weight, clothing sizes, city and state of residence, and a list of any tattoos or piercings that can be seen in summer attire to [email protected]. Please include in the subject line indication of age, ethnicity, gender, and city and state of residence. Dancers should send the same information as well as dance experience and styles to [email protected]. To submit a period vehicle for use in the film, email a current photo, photo of the owner, year, make, model, a list of dents and damage, owner’s name, phone number, city and state of residence, and vehicle location to [email protected].