R&D Plastics and Mavidon Locate to Henderson County

September 21, 2020

Henderson County, NC

Monday- September 21, 2020

Henderson County’s robust manufacturing sector grew this summer as R&D Plastics and Mavidon both located to the East Flat Rock area after identifying buildings to accommodate their expanding businesses.

R&D Plastics which specializes in state-of-the-art plastic injection molding, has been in business in the region for over 30 years. R&D currently employs 30 people and plans to increase employment in Henderson County as they settle into their new home. R&D worked closely with Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development (HCPED) to find a building that would sustain the company’s continued growth. Production at the new site is expected to begin in September.

“We are very excited about our new location in East Flat Rock. The building we have chosen will allow our business continued growth and expansion,” shared Bill and Sherri Widmann, the owners of R&D Plastics.

Mavidon’s owner, Tim Carroll, moved to Henderson County from Florida in 2019. After analyzing different properties for the business, Tim purchased a building in the Appleland Business Park and relocated his manufacturing business as well. Mavidon manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products ranging from medical adhesives and solvents, skin cleansers/exfoliants, natural cleaning products, and many specialty private labeling products.

“I would like to commend the county agencies, and HCPED for their responsiveness in helping our company with any permits and ordinances that were required. Also, the business community has been responsive, and professional with any needs that we needed to convert our facility to fit our needs,” said Tim Carroll, Mavidon’s owner.

Among the many reasons, Mavidon’s key employees moved from Florida to Henderson County for the desirable climate, economic activity, and vibrant community.

“While the last few months have been uncertain for employers across the county, it’s exciting to see companies continue to seek our community’s unique combination of quality life, strategic location to serve customers and supportive, pro-business environment” says Beau Waddell, Chair of the HCPED Board of Directors.

For more information on the Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development and its role in protecting and building a strong local economy, visit www.hcped.org.