July 1, 2021

The Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development (HCPED) is excited to announce the release of the Henderson County Relocation Guide. This digital guide will serve as a resource to help new and existing residents to Henderson County assimilate into the local community and illustrate the unparalleled quality of life and vast amenities Henderson County has to offer. The guide covers everything from outdoor recreation, arts and culture, local government, and the economy in Henderson County. The guide is a comprehensive resource that showcases the county and its municipalities as a premier community for relocation. 

The Henderson County Relocation Guide was created in response to HCPED’s recently updated strategic plan and target marketing analysis, which included recommendations to enhance Henderson County talent attraction strategy. The guide features county-specific details, information on local events, and childcare resources – also making it a powerful marketing tool for local industry.

HCPED will regularly update the guide to ensure information is current, ultimately giving both companies and newcomers a timeless resource for all things Henderson County. To view and download the Henderson County Relocation Guide, please visit: hcped.org/relocation-guide/.

To learn more about the Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development and its role in building a strong local economy, visit hcped.org.